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Unlike the walls of Jericho, which are not very far away, we would rather not have the walls of Bethany come tumbling down! Due to an issue of sight line on the road outside of the wall, the city has decided that this portion of the wall needs to be demolished and rebuilt. Unfortunately, as you can see from the photo, it’s not an easy task, and is compromising the rest of the wall. The wall is what keeps the sisters and children safe from the surrounding area. Due to poor drainage, the wall has begun to erode, and continuing work past what the city does is ABSOLUTELY necessary!

If you are able to donate to this project, please due so through Fund for Assistance linked below, or contact Mat. Maria directly:

Current projects/future projects:

Roof renovation:

  • Need: Critical

Additional School Building:

  • Need: Critical

New School Playground:

  • Need: Critical

Dehumidifier for Grotto Church:

  • Need: Moderate

A/C Wall Unit for Main Church

  • Need: Moderate
New Building

If you would like to make a donation, please do so through Fund For Assistance. They have a Paypal linked to their web page:


Due to the fact that the Orthodox School of Bethany has a boarding section, the community relies heavily on the help of volunteers. In order to come as a volunteer you must first contact Mother Maria, and then provide her with both a CV and a letter to the Mother Abbess of St. Mary Magdalene Monastery asking her blessing. Once she gives the blessing, you will be able to make further arrangements. According to Israeli law, visitors are permitted to be in the country for up to three months without a visa. Depending on the need, you may choose to spend the maximum amount of time staying here. Staying here is a wonderful opportunity. Not only are you doing God’s work by volunteering your time for a great cause, but you are given the opportunity to live here in the Holy Land. Staying here also provides you with ample time to be able to visit and pray at the holy sites.

For more information about coming as a volunteer please email Mother Maria at:


Finished Projects:

Purchase of an additional 9 passenger van

Solar panels over school yard

Beautification of main church

Metal canopy over school yard

New Van!
Solar Panels
Beautification of Main Church
School Yard
Your Donations

Your money - your decision: 100% of all donations directly fund the cause you indicate! You can choose any of the above causes, provide general support, or donate to a part of our ministry that is meaningful to you. 


Thank you for your contribution!

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